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July 3, 2013

The Dangers of Office Gossip

While engaging in gossip may only seem like a harmless way to pass the time at the office, it can be quite detrimental for everyone. Here are the top three dangers of office gossip along with the devastating effects they can have on a person’s career.

A Tarnished Image

In the past, whispers around the water cooler could be expected to do little more than linger in the air. However, with everyone carrying around a smartphone in their pocket, recordings of office gossip can go viral in only a matter of minutes. This means that even idle chatter could have major consequences for a company and can quickly escalate into a tarnished image that will affect every level of that company’s employees.

Inhibited Creativity and Productivity

Today’s companies thrive on the innovative ideas that come from the creativity of their employees. However, creativity can only flourish in an open environment where everyone feels free to share new ideas and voice their opinions. The stressed relationships and worry that accompany office gossip is counterproductive to this type of environment. By addressing gossip before it gets carried away, you can protect the open atmosphere that is needed to continue to progress toward company goals. When creativity is stifled, productivity suffers.

Destroyed Careers

Sadly, one of the most serious consequences of office gossip is that it can do significant damage to individuals. Through gossip, trust is broken down, and this can make it difficult to maintain professional relationships. It becomes harder to work on teams, earn a promotion, or gain recognition for achievements. At its worst, gossip can even destroy a person’s career through the shame and frustration that it creates.

While it may seem fun to engage in some light-hearted banter in the office, especially when you have “a juicy piece of news,” it is best to keep quiet. Discussions about sports, movies, and local news can help keep the focus off matters that should not be spread around. The next time the conversation veers toward gossip, steer things to a safe topic that can protect your office, your team members, and you from the dangers of rumors and distrust.

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