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September 19, 2013

How to Gain an Hour a Week

shutterstock_134787386What would you do with an extra hour each week? More work? Relax? Read a book? Hang out with friends? Most people think finding an extra hour in their busy schedules is impossible—but it’s not.

One hour is 60 minutes. Divided by five days in the workweek is 12 minutes per day. You can gain an hour a week by being more positively productive and effective for just 12 minutes a day.

Here’s how you find those 12 minutes:

  • Focus on a single activity in 30-minute spurts of concentrated time.  See last week’s blog Focus Produces Results. When you improve your ability to focus, you will be more productive, accomplish tasks faster, and gain time.
  • Be more efficient. Bundle like activities into pockets of time. Set aside specified times during the day to do all the photocopying, return phone calls, read and respond to e-mail, and any other repetitive task. When you focus on a single type of activity for a period of time, you create momentum and perform the task faster and more efficiently.
  • Reign in “water cooler” chat. While networking with fellow employees is important, do it wisely and don’t let it eat up your day. Remember, your goal is to find one extra hour in the week. Don’t give that up for 10 minutes of meaningless chatter about last night’s game.

When you pay attention to how you use your time and actively search for ways to be more productive and effective, you will quickly discover that it is easy to find an extra hour each week. In fact, you may discover even more time! For more tips, see my blog post Avoiding Productivity Pitfalls



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