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October 16, 2013

Boost Employee Morale – Again and Again!

Keeping your hand on the pulse of office morale is an important tool for leaders.  The happiest, most motivated employees can lose interest and become de-motivated over time. While motivation is an inside job, there are actions you can take to regularly boost employee morale and keep motivation high.shutterstock_127208399

  1. Show interest in your team. Routinely check in with employees to find out how they are doing. Ask them what might be in the way of their doing a better job or being more productive. Is a step in a process causing a bottleneck? Do they feel stressed about some aspect of the job? Do they have any ideas to improve things? Take what you hear seriously and address the issues they raise.
  1. Be flexible. Allow employees flexibility in planning their time. If possible, give every employee some time to focus on important tasks without interruption. For example, you can rotate phone or reception duties so that everyone gets a break sometime during the day to work on other tasks.  See my blog  post Focus Produces Results for additional information.
  1. Consider cross-training and delegated assignments. Boredom is deadly to productivity. By providing cross-training and delegating assignments, employees gain the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing ones. It keeps their jobs interesting, and it gives you more flexibility in making staffing decisions and juggling staffing needs when people are not at work. For more information on delegation, see my blog post How to Delegate. 

Boosting morale and keeping motivation high will make your entire team more positively productive. If you have a tool you use for this, please share it with me. I would love to hear from you. Email me at



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