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October 1, 2013

Eight Questions to Ask When an Assignment is Delegated to You

When you receive a delegate assignment, ask these questions: Yes delegation woman binders

  1. What are the desired outcomes and goals of the project?
  2. How much authority do you have to make decisions?
  3. Does your manager want to be made aware of any challenges and problems if they occur?
  4. What are the completion date, timelines, and deadlines?
  5. Are checkpoints, scheduled updates, or status reports required? If so, how often and to whom?
  6. What support and training are available?
  7. How will the assignment affect existing deliverables and deadlines?
  8. How will the success of the assignment be evaluated?

Make sure both you and your manager are clear about the answers to these questions to ensure a successful, delegated, assignment.

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