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October 9, 2013

Find the Right Employees

Hiring is tricky for most people. You can only find out so much from a resume and a few interviews. The key to greater hiring success is preparation. Follow these tips to make it easier to find the right people.shutterstock_120558493

  • Decide first if you need to hire or if someone already in your organization is qualified or can be brought up to speed. It is more productive and cost effective to use internal staff than bring in someone new. Your existing employees have a shorter learning curve since they already know the company culture and many of the processes.
  • Create job requirements or review them if they already exist. Are the current job duties still valid for your objectives or are changes needed? Now is the time to make changes and rethink the contribution this job makes to your overall success.
  • Clearly define the skills you want in candidates and describe them thoroughly. Separate the skills into “must-have” and “nice-to-have.” It is almost impossible to find one person with everything you want in skillsets. Being clear on your requirements will make it easier to eliminate people and narrow the field of likely candidates to be interviewed.
  • Make any salary adjustments, as necessary, to account for cost-of-living changes since the job was first filled. This is very important if your company doesn’t have a formal salary plan.
  • Carefully review resumes and applications to whittle down applicants to a handful of the most likely.

When you are clear about what you want a job to contribute to your organization and the skills you need in the person who has that job, choosing likely candidates will go quicker and more smoothly. You will more likely find the right person.

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