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November 7, 2013

To Text or Not to Text at Work?

The issue of texting at work is a sticky one that most employers are dealing with. As an expert in generational issues, I know that younger customers prefer texting and tend to respond to text messages more quickly than email or other forms of communication. This raises many issues for businesses, especially around privacy and confidentiality. Texting for personal reasons also plays into this discussion. Managers and companies need to address this issue sooner rather than later!texting

The key is creating a policy for texting, communicating it to everyone, and upholding it. Texting customers can work to:

  • Announce new products/services, sales, special events, incentives, and so on
  • Ask a customer to call customer service or another department.
  • Remind customers of appointment.
  • Notify customers that a service provider is on the way or will be late for a scheduled appointment.

Personal and private account information cannot be shared, and legal and compliance departments need to weigh in, depending on how regulated your industry is. Regarding personal texting, treat it like personal use of cell phones or email and apply those policies.

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