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December 18, 2013

Sitting Is Bad for Productivity – and Your Health!

If you have ever been crammed into a too-small airline seat for a long flight, you know how bad sitting for several hours can be on your body. Did you know that sitting at your desk for prolong periods is just as bad? According to health experts, the more you sit during the day, the greater your risk for cardiovascular disease. In fact, sitting a lot at work can diminish any good results from daily exercise! So what can you do when you have reports to prepare, proposals to write, emails to check–when you have to be at your desk all day?HE_sitting-at-work-thinkstock_s4x3_lg

  • Pretend you’re on an airplane and take a five-minute walk every hour. Go get and drink a glass of water, visit with your staff, do all the photocopying, walk to the restroom. Just get up and walk. Not only will your body be happier, your focus will be sharper when you return to your desk.
  • Stand up while on the phone. That’s all, just make calls standing up. Stroll around your cube while you talk. It will boost your energy and make you sound more enthusiastic in addition to helping your body.
  • Type standing up for part of the day. You can easily do this by placing several manuals or books under your keyboard, laptop, or tablet.

Right now, stop reading, stand, and do one of these tips to improve your health and boost your productivity.


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