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December 5, 2013

Trust Your Team to Deliver

The key to a successful, productive team is trust—you need to trust them, and they need to trust you. Here are three important ways of building trust with your

  • Lead by example. Always do what you say you will do, be truthful and forthcoming, and acknowledge people for their efforts. Make sure your employees know what you expect from them and then give them freedom to work without unnecessary interference from you. Trust them to do their jobs.
  • Be a partner. A partner is someone important who supports you, and whom you support. When you treat your team members like partners, you gain their commitment and enthusiasm. They understand that their efforts produce the results their department and the entire organization need to succeed. Seek out their ideas and input and act on their suggestions. Make them feel valued and let them know how much you appreciate their contributions.
  • Be present. This is easy to do and costs nothing. It’s called Management by Walking Around, and it really does work. When you visit employees where they work and take a few minutes to chat with each one, you make yourself accessible. Employees feel acknowledged and respected as individuals, and they come to see you as a person, not just their manager.  (If you manage virtual employees, see my blog post How to be Available for a Virtual Team.)

Trust is the foundation for building strong, productive teams. All great leaders and managers succeed because of the people who support them, and that support is build on trust.

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