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January 20, 2014

Delegate for Results

Part 3 of 4

Delegation not only gives you more time, it can be used to develop a more accountable, more skilled staff. Even though I’ve written a lot about delegation, it still comes up in my workshops and training programs. It seems to be a topic people are always interested in and need help with.Yes delegation woman binders

Delegation is a powerful tool for leveraging your time; you use it to get more done with less effort. It also is a tool for developing employees and creating a more accountable team. When you delegate, you turn over the hands-on performance of an assignment or task to someone else. The keys to successful delegation are:

  • Identify what can be delegated. Focus on activities you currently do but don’t have to do yourself. By delegating these types of activities, you free up time to work on tasks that only you can perform and need to focus on.
  • Choose the right employee for the delegation. Match the employee’s skills with those needed for the project; however, you also want to help employees stretch and grow. Give them worthwhile tasks that allow them to enhance their skills and learn new ones. Remember, the more you develop you staff, the more you and your team will be positively productive.
  • Set the employee up for success. Be willing to invest time and effort in training the employee, so he or she can perform the new task successfully. This can be an investment of both time and money, but it is an investment that definitely pays dividends later when the employee can handle the assignment independently, and you have more time to work on other, more important work.
  • Make the employee accountable for delivering results. Check in with the employee regularly to assess progress, but avoid the temptation to micro-manage him or her. (See my blog post Don’t Be a Helicopter Manager.) When you want to foster accountability, you need to demonstrate that you trust your employees to do the job. Give regular feedback using the SOAR Formula (link to other post).

Effective delegation is a cornerstone of creating an accountable staff. You can read more about successful delegation in my blog post How to Delegate.

Come back next week for Part 4 of my Creating Accountability series and discover tools for using delegation to create accountability.

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