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January 13, 2014

Motivate Employees for Results

Continuing my series on Creating Accountability, today’s post is all about motivation. Let me start by stating that you cannot motivate someone to take action; you can only create an environment that supports motivation. How? Here are some quick tips to create a motivating workplace. Great job

  1. Stop thinking that you can motivate with money. Sure, it perks people up for a while, but it’s a short-term solution.
  2. Find ways to tell your employees that they make a difference in the success of the team and the department. You can easily do this by acknowledging their efforts with personal notes or mentions at staff meeting.
  3. Give employees the opportunity to learn new skills through in-person training programs, e-learning programs, and conferences. (Check out my e-learning program Lead 4 Results.)
  4. Use the SOAR Formula for feedback that produces results. (See last week’s blog [link])
  5. Find out what motivates your staff by asking them! Use anonymous online surveys or have a candid conversation with your employees.
  6. Surprise employees with ad hoc rewards, such as gift cards, time off with pay, or another cost-effective way of encouraging positive performance.
  7. Take generational differences into account. Generally, older employees (Traditionals and Baby Boomers) prefer tangible rewards, public recognition, and promotions. Generation X prefers flexibility in scheduling, rewards that foster work-life balance, and high-tech tools. Generation Y wants everything to be fun, fast, and high tech. Reward the youngest generation with opportunities to work with older, more experienced team members on exciting projects. (For more information on generational differences, see my blog post Bridge the Generation Gap and my e-book Leading 4 Generations.

Start to create a motivating environment by giving regular, encouraging feedback and using a variety of tools to recognize your team. You will gain a more motivated, more accountable team that is positively productive.

Come back next week for Part 3 of my Creating Accountability series and discover tools for using delegation to create accountability.

No time to send employees to training programs? My new e-learning program gives your staff the tools they need to take on a leadership role. You can find more information here: Lead4Results e-Learning Program


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