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February 17, 2014

When You’re Just Too Tired to work…

Let’s face it, some days you’re just too tired to get anything done. Maybe you stayed out too late the night before, or you were up with a sick child, or the neighbors kept you up with their loud music. Whatever the reason, you still have to drag yourself into the office. exhausted

How do you get anything done when all you want is a nap?

  • Kick off the day with a healthy breakfast. Avoid sugar, carbs, and the fast food drive-thru that can spike your blood sugar. The quick boost of energy you get right away won’t stay with you and when it’s gone, your energy will crash.  Instead, power up with proteins and fiber, like oatmeal with milk or eggs and multi-grain toast.
  • Exercise. Yes, I know, you’re tired! I’m not telling you to hit the gym, but a brisk ten-minute walk can boost your oxygen intake, get the blood flowing, and energize you. Also see my blog post Sitting Is Bad for Productivity and Your Health.
  • Drink water, not coffee. While you might reach for the coffee pot and down a few cups to pick you up, coffee dehydrates you and can make you feel more tired if you drink too much. Switch to water for a better, more hydrating pick-me-up.

The best cure, of course, is a good night’s sleep. If you experience insomnia frequently, a trip to your doctor is probably a good idea.

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