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May 27, 2014

Get into the NOW Habit

“Wouldn’t it be nice if life took a cue from horse racing and a gun went off when it was time for us to get moving? Life rarely sends us a signal as clear as a starter’s pistol. It’s up to us to recognize when it’s time to just start.”

Stuart Levine, Cut to the Chase

Time management starts with managing yourself. The more work and projects you put off, the less time you will have to do each. This often results in decreased quality of work and increased stress. shutterstock_57183232

Chunk it down. Do not put it off just because you will not have enough time to finish the entire thing in one sitting. You can eat an elephant one bite at a time. Break up large tasks into small tasks and work on the small tasks consistently.

Gain momentum. Do some work on assignments as soon as you get them, so you get your mind focused on the project right away. This can provide momentum and help you keep going.

Use bribery! Give yourself a reward for accomplishing part of a task you have been avoiding.

Set appointments on your calendar. Set aside specific time slots on your calendar to work on tasks you are procrastinating about and honor those commitments.

See my blog post Procrastination for more tips and start now to do what you have been putting off. Discover how positively productive you can become by just taking one small step forward!

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