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July 28, 2014

How to Encourage Creativity in Employees

Cultivating the creativity of your team means encouraging them to do something differently to produce more positive, and desirable, results. You can use the following tips to encourage creativity among employees:shutterstock_96793279

Encourage Creativity with Off-site Sessions

Team building provides a chance for employees to come together and share their experiences and expertise. This works best when done at a location away from the workplace. A new environment will encourage new ideas for improving performance and productivity back at the workplace.

Brainstorming Sessions

Encourage all employees to participate in brainstorming sessions irrespective of their jobs because creativity is not based on jobs but rather a person’s own creative thinking. Listen to the views of all participants and appreciate their contribution. This makes employees feel recognized and motivated to come with up with new ideas to solve problems.

Offer Rewards

The spirit of creativity can be sustained by rewarding creative ideas. Rewards don’t have to be money. Words of encouragement and certificates of recognition can do wonders.

Offer Training Opportunities

There are situations where employees may not be able to understand how to make use of their creative minds due to limited skills. Providing training can help employees understand themselves better and know how to generate creative ideas that could be critical toward improving productivity.

Give your employees the opportunity and ability to be creative, and act on their suggestions when appropriate. This can motivate your team and make them positively productive.





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