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July 21, 2014

Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

The best way to see your business grow and become successful is by building customer loyalty. Often, managers and business owners focus on gaining new customers when they should be more concerned with ensuring the satisfaction of existing customers. Here are some tips on how you can build and sustain customer loyalty. customer-loyalty

Be Consistent

Many managers and business owners forget that customers don’t just like great customer service, they like companies that deliver consistently great customer service! This means that if customers do business with your company once, they will expect the same level of customer satisfaction when they return six months later. The fastest way to lose customers is to be inconsistent. Frequently reinforce customer service quality standards with your employees.

Really Communicate

Anyone can chat with customers at their business or on social media. However, it takes a special type of businessperson to really communicate with his or her customers. When you allow employees to take time to get to know your customers individually, your customers will feel appreciated and their loyalty will deepen.

Every Conversation Matters

Most of us strive to be our best when we are actively selling or closing a deal. Sometimes, that level of enthusiasm and professionalism lessens when responding to a question or simply making small talk with an established customer. Remember, every conversation that you have with a customer counts. Always strive to be your most knowledgeable and affable even if you’re not in the process of actively “selling.”

Building customer loyalty is a continuous process. Engage your customers consistently and listen and respond to any questions, inquiries, or concerns. If you can maintain these lines of communication, you will find that your customers stay loyal to your company.

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