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September 2, 2014

What Is Your Body Saying?

Most of us are taught to use our verbal language skills to the fullest extent; however, your non-verbal language cues speak louder than your words. Here are a few body language tools that will assist you in projecting your best image to others and in learning how to read your co-workers like a book.Slide #118 #2

  • Crossing the Legs

The direction of a crossed leg can be a silent clue to a person’s attitude. When a person crosses his or her leg away from the speaker, this shows that the person is creating distance. When you cross your leg toward the speaker, you show acceptance and likability.

  • Crossing the Arms

Similar to a leg cross, folding the arms in front of the chest indicates a desire to retreat from the speaker or disagreement with the conversation. In some cases, this can show hostility, dislike, and stubbornness. To use this non-verbal cue to show agreement or at least interest, keep your arms loosely draped on the armrests of a chair or put your palms down on the desk if you are talking across the furniture in your office.

  • Invasion of Personal Space

The amount of personal space that each individual requires varies by country, culture, and familiarity between two people. You will know when you are violating someone’s personal space if they back away from you. Always be mindful of another person’s space and quickly step away if you stray into their private zone.

Learning the art of body language gives you a competitive edge. Be vigilant as you learn to read and use body language.

See my blog post Body Language that Says No when You Mean Yes for more information.

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