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November 9, 2014

Got the Cube Blues?

Most of us work in cubes these days, which cuts down on privacy and leaves us little room for making our workspace work for us. Here are some tips for turning your little, gray cube into a place you enjoy.shutterstock_48797485

  • Bring in some green. Live plants bring the outside indoors, and a touch of green is cheering. With flowering plants, it’s best to avoid anything that gives off a strong scent since cube mates may be allergic or find it offensive. Have a black thumb? Silk plants are a good substitute.
  • Keep it neat. Walking into a mess in the morning can be demoralizing and demotivating. Clear the clutter and keep things neat and orderly. See my blog post A Simple Approach to Eliminating Clutter.
  • Be ergonomic. Avoid aches and pains by having a correctly designed workspace, use ergonomically sound equipment, and make sure lighting is adequate. Check with your manager or human resources for available options.
  • Add reminders of life outside the office. Photos of family, friends, and activities that you enjoy are pleasant reminders of your life outside the cube. Be prudent with your choices, especially if you work in an area that gets a lot of customer traffic.
  • Move around. While many cubes are pretty small, set an alert to get up and move around every hour or 90 minutes. The more you sit in one place, the more constricted you feel; the cube walls seem as if they are closing in on you! See my blog post Sitting Is Bad for Your Productivity and Your Health for more information.

Don’t treat your cube like a cell! An attractive, pleasing workspace makes work easier, reduces stress, and can make you more positively productive.

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