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December 28, 2014

Build a Super Team in 2015

Developing your team to succeed is a leadership responsibility. As we start a new year, take some time to decide how you can strengthen their skills and give them new ones. The more knowledge your team has, the more positively productive they can be.shutterstock_95843581

  • Share the vision. Make sure everyone on your team knows the company’s vision, your department’s role in realizing that vision, and their contributions to help make that vision a reality.
  •  Provide growth opportunities. Encourage your employees to stretch and grow by giving them developmental assignments. Review what you currently do that could be handled by a team member with the proper coaching. See my blog post Delegate for Results for more information.
  • Offer professional training programs. Investing in training that is delivered by experts is smart leadership. Help employees be more effective by improving communication, writing, productivity, emotional intelligence, stress management, and so on. See my blog post Training Makes Employees Positively Productive.

A strong leader helps his or her team improve performance by giving praise when it’s deserved and motivating the team to achieve even more. Keep employees focused on raising the bar and groom them to achieve more than they think is possible. Encourage them to have a can-do mindset—the difference that makes the difference!

Happy New Year! May 2015 be your best year ever!

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