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December 1, 2014

Holiday Gift Giving Guidelines

Holiday gift giving is a challenge for many business people. How much to spend? What kind of gift? Do you send it to the person or the office? You don’t want to send something that is too personal, but you do want to acknowledge people. So what do you do? Here is a quick guide to business gift giving for the

  • Make sure you know the rules. Most organizations have policies for what their employees can give and receive in the way of gifts or gratuities. Read your own guidelines and make sure your team understands them, too. Ask your clients and customers about their organization’s rules to ensure you aren’t violating them and putting the customer in an awkward position.
  • What about a gift for your manager? This can be tricky. You want to be politically correct and choose something that represents your appreciation of him or her. A handwritten note with a token gift, such as a basket of treats or homemade sweets, usually works. Also consider a team gift by asking your coworkers to chip in. Don’t put pressure on anyone by asking for a specific amount to contribute; just ask people to give what they want.
  • What about gifts for your employees? If you are a manager or supervisor, think about a gift the whole team can share, such as having lunch catered in or hosting an ice cream and cake afternoon.

If your office exchanges gifts or has a “Secret Santa” tradition, choose a gift that fits the person if you know them. If you don’t know them very well, choose something most people can use, such as candles or a gift card for gas or a local restaurant.

Gift-giving the right way can strengthen workplace relationships and help you acknowledge the people you work with. Choose thoughtfully, and you will enjoy the smiles on people’s faces when they open your gift! See also my blog post Plan Now to Wow Your Customers This Holiday Season

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