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February 1, 2015

Working with Rude Coworkers!

Our workplaces would be so much nicer, and we would be so much more productive if everyone got along with everyone else. It’s always best to work in an environment where our coworkers are friendly and courteous. Unfortunately, many offices aren’t idyllic. Even if you are easy-going and friendly, you may work with someone who isn’t. Here are some tips for working with rude coworkers. Woman yelling in megaphone

  • Don’t take it personally. Just because someone is rude, try to be objective. None of us can know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Family and financial problems make people out of sorts. If you let yourself be annoyed or offended by someone elses’s behavior, you’ll just ruin your own good mood! See my blog post Being in a Good Mood is Good Business.
  • Watch your triggers. Know what pushes your buttons. Some of us react badly when faced with a sarcastic, arrogant, or patronizing manner. It is tempting to be rude in turn, but that only escalates the situation. It’s best to remain polite and courteous. Take a deep breath and let it go, especially if they treat everyone this way. See my post Empathy at Work Works.
  • Set boundaries. No one should be bullied at work and if someone is targeting you and behaving badly toward you, be assertive. Either discuss the matter with them or take it to your manager. Make sure you document instances of bullying, so you can discuss the situation objectively and without emotion.

No one is in a good mood all the time. When someone is rude, give him or her some slack, knowing that their behavior could improve in time. If someone is chronically rude, take action if it negatively affects your ability to be positively productive or if you are being bullied.

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