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April 5, 2015

Quick Energy Boosts for Productivity

According to experts, after about 60 to 90 minutes of focused work, your attention flags, you become weary, and your productivity suffers. So if you think that working through your lunch to finish a report is a good idea, think again.shutterstock_48797485

  • Stop working! Set an alert as a reminder to take a break every hour, step away from your desk, and move around. You will return refreshed and will be more productive than if you kept at it beyond the hour.
  • Clear the clutter off your desk. You are less productive when stacks of paper, open electronic files on your monitor, or open tabs on the Internet distract your focus. Close or file away what you aren’t working on. Afraid you’ll lose track of it? Set up a vertical file behind your desk for the paper documents you want to work on for the day and create a similar system for electronic files and e-mail. This way you won’t forget, and the document is off both your physical and electronic desktop. (Need help managing e-mail? Check out my new program Writing and Managing E-mail.)
  • Take a walk. Get outside and get some fresh air. No matter how environmentally friendly your workplace may be, nothing replaces fresh air as a productivity booster. Take a short walk, breathe deeply, and feel yourself becoming more alert.

Remember, productivity improves when you take a break, not when you skip a break! Make sure your employees take breaks, too. They will feel better and get more done!


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