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May 3, 2015

Save Time with Social Media

Many business people realize the value of social media as an important tool for marketing and customer service. One of the biggest challenges in using social media is finding time in your busy day to take care of it. Here are my recommendations:iStock_000030388064Small

  • Set goals. Decide what you want to accomplish with social media. The clearer your goals, the easier it will be to craft social media messages that meet them and reach the right audience.
  • Set specific times each day to handle social media. I recommend allocating at least two 15-minute sessions to connect with people and post updates. This helps you gain visibility, build meaningful relationships, and expand your reach. Consistency and frequency are two key factors in social media success.
  • Join pertinent groups. Find groups on LinkedIn that represent your target customers and join them. Become active and make connections with key people in the group. Share valuable information and establish relationships with those who can help your business, but avoid pitching to them. Instead, forge alliances that lead to business naturally.

Including social media in your marketing and customer service plans is a good way to grow your business. Doing it efficiently is a good way to be positively productive on social media. Also see my post Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business.

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