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June 21, 2015

Manage Your E-mail In-box

If you’re like many business people, your in-box is stuffed with e-mails that you have already taken care of. Just like papers cluttering your office or work area, completed e-mails are electronic clutter that sap your productivity and lower your morale. It’s daunting to open your in-box in the morning and see hundreds of e-mails you have to scroll through to find what you are looking for. Here are some tips from my new Writing and Managing E-mail program to help you get on top of your in-box.shutterstock_101430214

  • Get rid of completed e-mails. Label a folder “Pre-today’s date” and move all completed e-mails into that folder. This removes them from your in-box. Take time each day to empty this folder.
  • Handle each e-mail once. This might seem impossible, but it’s easy to do if you immediately take action on each e-mail. Do whatever is needed and then file it away or trash it.
  • Use a follow-up system of folders. Sometimes you need more information before you can respond to an e-mail, or you need time to make a decision. I recommend setting up a system that lets you follow up on e-mails that you can’t finalize immediately so that you can move them out of your in-box.  

Managing your in-box is a key factor in staying positively productive. Check out my new program to see if it’s what you need to get and stay on top of e-mail.    

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