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July 27, 2015

Five Habits for Getting Things Done

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” Brian Tracy, author and speaker

A habit is a routine practice we do without thinking and find hard to stop doing! The key to being positively productive is cultivating good work habits. Here are five daily habits for getting things done.shutterstock_129553154

  1. Start your day the night before. Take a few minutes before leaving work to set your goals for the next day and set aside time on your calendar to accomplish them.
  2. Tackle high priorities first. When you arrive at work in the morning, focus on your number one goal for the day and stay with it until it is completed.
  3. Keep things orderly and organized. Put away files when you are finished with them, keep books in bookcases, label and file everything for quick retrieval. A lot of time is wasted sifting through stacks of paper or long lists of e-mail subject lines looking for what you need. If you have stacks of paper or electronic clutter, take time to clear it and avoid creating it again. See my new program Writing and Managing E-mail if you need help with e-mail management.
  4. Practice kaizen throughout the day. This is the art of making small improvements in how you work. Make it a habit to look for ways of doing tasks faster and easier.
  5. Take a break every hour. Attention and energy fade after 60 minutes of focused activity. Set an alarm to get up on the hour and walk around. Take this time to chat with your employees and have some important face time with them.

Implement one of these five tips and when it becomes a habit, start working on another one. See my blog post Three Good Habits for Getting Things Done for more good habits to make you positively productive.

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