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October 4, 2015

What To Do When Your Team Goes Off Track

Things are going along smoothly; your team is delivering quality work on time and within budget. Then, something goes wrong. People are sniping at each other, deadlines are slipping, and so is quality. What happened? What can you do about it?shutterstock_53564389

  • Have you gotten complacent? It’s easy to become complacent as a leader. When things are going well, it is easy to step back and let the team lead itself; however, this is one reason why teams go off track. You have to keep your hand on day-to-day activities and stay in contact with your team. You don’t want to micromanage, but you do need to maintain a leadership presence in the office.
  • Are you relying too heavily on too few people? All of us tend to look to our star players because we know they will always deliver. But those stars fade after a while and begin to feel overwhelmed, and the team members who are passed over will begin to feel overlooked. Spread the work and authority around and cultivate all your team members.
  • Are you forgetting to acknowledge efforts? It can be easy to quickly move from task to task and project to project without taking time out to reward and recognize people. When was the last time you rewarded your team and individual team members? Something as simple as a dessert party in the afternoon can help the team rekindle its spirit.

If your team is no longer performing up to your standards, it may be time to look at yourself and what you can do to turn things around.

See my blog post Motivate Employees for Results for more information.


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