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November 8, 2015

Strengthen Your Team with These Exercises

The holiday season is a time for office parties and get-togethers. This year why not do something different from the standard potluck or luncheon. Choose one or two team building exercises and turn the party into an opportunity to strengthen your team. Here are some ideas:shutterstock_230996554

  • True or False. Have each person write down two true statements and one false statement about themselves before the event. Ask them to choose things that people at work do not know about them. Create a grid with four columns and a row for each person. Write in the person’s name and put each of the three statements next to the name.

During the party, have people talk to each other to try and determine which statement is false. At no time should someone reveal their false statement. After everyone has had a chance to mingle, go around the room and have the group vote on which statement they think is false for each person.

This exercise is a good way to help your team members get to know each other better as individuals with diverse interests and backgrounds.

  • Show and Tell Hobbies. Ask team members to bring to the party something related to their hobby. A golfer could bring a golf ball; a knitter, a ball of yarn; a cook, a whisk; a classic car enthusiast, a model car; and so on.

Create a display table with the items and make a game by asking team members to guess which hobby belongs to which person. The team member who makes the most correct guesses receives a prize.

  • Team Flag. Bring in flip charts, markers, colored paper, glue sticks, scissors and so on. Break the group into smaller teams and have each team create a flag for the entire team. After the flags are completed, have each person vote for their favorite flag. The winning team members receive prizes. Post the flag in your office where everyone can see it.

Holiday parties are fun events, and you can ramp up your team party this year by adding a team building activity to improve communication, collaboration, and morale.

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