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January 31, 2016

Coach for Results

Coaching is a valuable tool that does more than correct or improve the performance of your employees. It demonstrates your commitment to their careers and shows them that you are willing to invest time and effort to help them improve. Feedback

  • Create a safe environment. Let your employees know that during coaching sessions, they are free to communicate what is on their mind and what may be challenging for them. Be clear that anything discussed in the coaching session is confidential. Be responsive and demonstrate emotional intelligence.
  • Communicate and collaborate. Ask employees their opinions about how and where they could improve to be more positively productive. They are closer to their jobs than you are and may come up with ideas you hadn’t considered. Listen to what they say and offer guidance and advice.
  • Set a plan of action. Decide on a plan of action and suggest tools the employee can use to improve. Research training opportunities within and outside your organization and support the employee by giving them the necessary time and resources to learn and grow.

There is an added bonus to effective coaching. You and your team get to know each other better! You learn what motivates them and what they aspire to, and they learn that they can trust you to lead them and help them excel.

See my blog post How Accountable Is Your Team? for more information.


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