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May 16, 2016

Coaching Employees to Performance Excellence

In my leadership program, I encourage managers to coach their employees to SOAR. The acronym stands for:Soar

  • S = State the specific behavior you are going to address. Be objective and factual and avoid turning your interpretations into facts.
  • O = Outline what you are feeling about the situation, the behavior, or its impact and help the employee understand the effect of the behavior.
  • A = Address the new, replacement behavior you want and your expectations for change. Focus on the preferred action and be clear and specific about your expectations, so there are no misunderstandings.
  • R = Reaffirm understanding and end on a positive note. Make sure the employee understands what is expected by asking for affirmation. If there is any hesitation on the employee’s part, restate your expectations for the new behavior.

Helping each team member to improve and showing them how to enhance their skills will strengthen your entire team and make everyone more positively productive. Instead of dreading performance discussions, turn them into opportunities to help your employees SOAR to greatness!

Our Lead4Results program gives you tools to take on a bigger leadership role. You can find more information at Lead4Results.

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