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May 22, 2016

Is Your Computer Desktop a Mess?

Most of us juggle electronic documents daily, creating files and folders, saving documentation, and sending and receiving electronic information. More and more, our work is becoming paperless! How well you handle electronic documents, including e-mail, has a huge affect on how positively productive you are. Here are some tips.messy desktop

  • Treat your desktop and e-mail in-box just like a huge filing cabinet. Set up folders just as you would for paper documents. Consider categories such as Personnel, Administrative, Vendors, Contracts, Proposals, Customers, and so on.
  • When you finish with a document, file it in the appropriate folder instead of letting it remain on your desktop.
  • Set up a “To Read” folder for documents that don’t require a response or action other than reading. You can open and read these when time permits, and you have removed from your desktop.
  • Create a follow-up system for electronic documents pending additional information. You can also attach them to a date on your calendar if you use Outlook.

What about all those completed electronic documents floating around on your desktop now? Create a folder labeled “Pre-[today’s date] and move them into this folder. Taking just fifteen minutes each day to clear the documents from this folder will eventually empty it. See my blog post Quick Steps to Get Organized for more information.

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