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June 11, 2016

Remember What You Read

If you’re like most business people, you have too much to read and not enough time to read it in a way that you retain it. Here are some tools to help you more easily remember what you read. Skim the document, reading only the first one or two sentences of each paragraph. This will give you a good overview of the entire piece.finger

  • Use a highlighting tool to mark main points. Not sure what the main point is? Create a note that captures what you need to remember in a few short sentences.
  • If you are visual, you can improve memory by studying key sentences for several seconds to better retain them. If you are auditory, read key sentences aloud a few times and listen to what you are saying. Not sure if you’re visual or auditory? Think back to school. Did you learn better with lecture or reading the textbook? If you answered, lecture, you’re probably auditory. If you answered textbook, you’re more likely visual.
  • Take notes and paraphrase key points in your own writing to impress the information on your memory.

Generally, you tend to remember what has meaning for you personally and professionally, so find a way to relate the information to your work or life. The greater the meaning, the easier it is to remember it!

See my blog post Remember to Remember for more information on memory improvement.

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