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August 7, 2016

Is Virtual Training Right for Your Team?

Part of your job is to help your employees grow and stretch, so they can take on additional responsibilities and develop professionally. Providing regular training for your team is the mark of a leader.shutterstock_33146896

Many offices have a hard time covering jobs for onsite workshops that take people away from their desks for several hours. Virtual training, on the other hand, gives you the ability to offer programs with minimal down time for your staff. It also helps you provide training for employees who work offsite or who are located in different geographic areas.

Virtual training comes in two forms: e-learning and webinars.

  • Employees can access e-learning programs at any time from any location.
  • Live webinars are held at a specific date and time.
  • Recorded webinars can be taken at any time.

Both e-learning and webinars provide state-of-the-art training at a cost that is less than live training programs. They allow your employees to maintain daily workflow and be positively productive while gaining new skills.


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