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September 18, 2016

Don’t Be Late

Tardiness was penalized in school; in business, the penalty is lost productivity and tarnished professionalism. Being late occasionally will happen because some situations are beyond our control. However, being late regularly requires some attention. Here are a few tips to help you be on time.

Before leaving the office at the end of the day, check your calendar for the next day’s appointments and meetings and prepare everything you need. Make sure you set alerts on your calendar to remind you to leave, based on how much travel time you need in order to arrive on time.Angry Boss Lady Pointing to Alarm Clock

Plan your morning the night before:

  • List everything you need to take with you and post it where you will see it before you leave the house in the morning.
  • Set out what you plan to wear the next day, including accessories and shoes.
  • Make sure your briefcase or tote has everything you will need the next day and place it next to the door.
  • Find out what your children need for the next day and put their things next to your own.
  • Prepare lunch items and place them in to-go containers in the fridge.
  • Set the table for breakfast.
  • Set your alarm to go off at least 15 minutes before you need to get up.

These easy-to-use tips can help you be prompt, professional, and positively productive.

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