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September 25, 2016

Tips to Organize for Results

Disorganization is the enemy of productivity. Every time you have to sort through a stack of paper, scan a list of e-mail subject lines, or search your computer for a document, you waste time. Disorder not only affects productivity, it increases stress and lowers self-esteem. Here are easy tips to help you get and stay organized.shutterstock_127208399

  • Set aside 15 minutes twice a day to take care of paper stacks in your office. File papers you need to keep and trash those you don’t. Do the same thing for electronic files and e-mails. Store documents you use most often nearest your work area. Documents used less often should be stored farther away.
  • File completed documents as soon as you finish them. Allowing them to stay on your actual or computer desktop or in your e-mail in-box creates clutter. (For more information on clearing your in-box, see my blog post Clear Out Your In-box.)
  • Use your calendar to keep track of appointments, tasks that need to be completed, and follow-up reminders. Review it before leaving at the end of the day and get out what you will need for the next day.

Getting organized takes some time, but once you get into the habit, life becomes much easier. You can be more positively productive and less stressed!

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