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October 30, 2016

Networking within Your Organization

Most people think of networking as something you do outside your company; however, this is a narrow view of an activity that is important for your career. Who you know and who knows you can play a major part in your ability to be recognized and get ahead.shutterstock_134649776

Internal networking is an informal process. You forge connections with your peers and colleagues in other areas, get to know them as individuals, and share resources and information.

Here are three tips to help you build a strong, internal network.

  1. Arrive at all meetings early and meet anyone you don’t already know. Find out what they do, exchange business cards with them, and follow up in a week.
  2. Set a goal to reconnect with people you already know in the company at least quarterly (monthly is best!). Don’t rely on e-mail. It’s too cold a communication medium. Pick up the phone and call them just to catch up and reinforce the relationship.
  3. Add a variety of people to your network. In addition to those you work with frequently, reach out to people in departments with which you interact occasionally. This gives you access to additional resources and opportunities.

Numbers aren’t as important as the quality of your connections. Cultivate your networking relationships, be willing to make introductions within your network, and freely share information and resources.

Building a network up, down, and across your organization is invaluable. It gives you a gold mine of knowledge and expertise to draw on when you need it.

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