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December 11, 2016

Be On Time

Waiting for someone to arrive is frustrating and annoying, especially when you have made an effort to arrive early for an appointment or meeting. Sometimes being late just happens—there’s an accident on the freeway, the cab never arrived, there was a long line slowly moving through security check-in. But when tardiness becomes a habit, it’s time to change. See my post Don’t Be Late for more information.shutterstock_3805825

  • Estimate how much travel time you need, add a few minutes for unplanned delays, and set a notification or alarm for five minutes ahead of the time you need to leave.
  • Prepare everything you need an hour or so before you must leave, so you can just grab it and go.
  • If someone is accompanying you, send them a reminder the day before and check in with them 15 minutes before you must leave to see if they will be ready on time.

If you find yourself always waiting for chronically late people, bring something to work on. I recommend keeping “To-Read” folders for paper documents and electronic ones. Waiting time is also good for tackling your e-mail in-box.

If you are a manager, you need to address this issue when members of your team are frequently late arriving at work in the morning, returning from lunches or breaks, or attending meetings. Be assertive about the need to honor time, describe your expectations for punctuality, and explain any disciplinary action that might result from frequent tardiness.


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