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January 16, 2017

Avoid These Teambuilding Pitfalls

You need a strong team of employees who work well together and support each other, but a strong team doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work on your part to build it, keep it going, and help it grow even stronger. Here are three pitfalls to avoid since they can sabotage all your hard work.mentor

  1. Failing to recognize individual achievement. Most managers are good at praising the entire team and celebrating team successes, but individual employees also need recognition. Take time to single out team members who go above and beyond.
  2. Failing to provide opportunities for growth and advancement. You need to invest in the long-term growth and success of your team. Provide additional training that enhances their skills, offer cross-training options that expose them to different jobs, and have them assume leadership roles on special projects.
  3. Failing to communicate. When your team is working well and producing results, it can be easy to get complacent and stop communicating. Touch base with every team member at least weekly and with virtual employees at least monthly. People need to know you are interested in them as people and view them as more than cogs in a machine.

A happy team is a positively productive one. Make sure your employees feel valued, build bonds between them, and help your team be more successful in the coming year. See my blog post Strengthen Your Team with These Exercises for more information.


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