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January 22, 2017

Leading Multi-Generation Teams

The generation gap in today’s workplace is the most challenging it has ever been since each generation has a different view of how work should be performed. You’ve probably discovered that older generations tend to view younger generations as “upstarts” who want the rewards without the hard work, and younger generations think their older coworkers are too rule-bound and process-focused. The key to success is helping your team value their differences and use those differences to make the team stronger.people_around_desk

  • Start by focusing on each generation’s strengths. Take advantage of your Millennials and Generation X employees by tasking them to come up with technology solutions that streamline processes. Your Boomer employees are relationship builders, so partner them as mentors and coaches for younger employees.
  • Hold workshops and live trainings to help your employees understand each generation’s background, preferences, and expectations. A little knowledge can bridge the generation gap and help your employees value and respect each other.
  • Think outside the box and be willing to make changes. Encourage your employees to suggest improvements and be willing to consider them. Create an atmosphere that fosters creativity and problem-solving and bring your team together to tackle a common challenge.


Help your team understand and value their differences and use them to be more successful in 2017. Want to know more about multi-generations? Check out my e-book Leading 4 Generations.

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