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January 8, 2017

Productivity on the Road

Getting things done while traveling may seem impossible, but with some planning, you can be positively productive. Here are five tips:shutterstock_115513723

  1. Prioritize what you need to work on while you’re gone and gather all required documents and materials before you leave.
  2. Use a shared drive or cloud drive to stay connected to your team and what they are working on in your absence.
  3. Use pockets of time to get things done. I carry a To-Read folder of paper documents and similar folders for electronic documents and e-mail. When waiting for a meeting to begin, or if I’m stuck at the airport, I catch up on my reading.
  4. Write e-mails when you are off-line and cue them to go out when you again have Wi-Fi access.
  5. Take advantage of your road trip to handle activities you rarely have time for in the office. Focus on your career or professional development, put together a sales plan to increase revenue, or work on employee performance plans.

It’s easy to stay positively productive even when you are away from the office.

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