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March 12, 2017

Be Positively Productive on the Telephone

The telephone is one of your most important business tools and one that is often misused. Here are some tips to improve your telephone communication whether you are making a call or answering one.headset

  • Be upbeat. Put energy behind your voice by taking deeper breathes and smiling when you speak. Standing when on the phone also adds energy to your voice. The more dynamic you sound, the better the impression you make on the person.
  • Speak clearly and precisely. Without body language and facial expressions to go on, listeners have only your voice and the words you use. This means that you must speak slower than usual and clearly pronounce each word.
  • Use a greeting. Your greeting should identify your organization or department or both, include your name, and an offer of help. For example, “Good morning. ABC Financial Services. This is Carlo. How can I help you?”
  • Avoid slang and speech fillers. Keep your comments professional and polite. Listen for fillers, such as ummm, uhhh, okay, etc., and work on eliminating them since they make you sound unprofessional and uncertain.
  • Don’t hold and forget. Always ask if you can put the person on hold and explain why you are doing so. Return to the call every few minutes to explain what you are doing or offer to call the person back.
  • Transfer calls the right way. Explain why you must transfer the call, provide the name of the person you are transferring them to and that person’s phone number, and stay on the line to ensure the call was transferred correctly.


Effective telephone skills are essential for every organization, especially for customer service. Help your staff brush up their phone skills and other customer service skills with my new course Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience

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