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March 26, 2017

Eliminate Clutter

Being positively productive depends on your ability to focus on the task at hand. Your ability to focus is greatly improved if you remove distractions that take your attention away from what you are working on. Here are some tips to identify and remove distractions caused by clutter.desktop keeping order series

  • Paper clutter. Having stacks of paper on your desk and around your office creates clutter. It takes longer for you to find what you need, and you lose time and productivity as you sift through stacks looking for documents. Paper clutter distracts you from what you’re working on because you can see what still needs your attention. You are more likely to jump from task to task rather than finish each one sequentially.
  • Electronic clutter. If you have documents, folders, and applications dotting your computer desktop, you have electronic clutter. This can be just as draining to productivity as paper clutter since your focus is scattered, and time is wasted as you search for what you need.
  • E-mail clutter. Is your inbox jammed with e-mail that you have read, but not filed away? If so, you have e-mail clutter. Just as with electronic clutter, e-mail clutter damages your productivity.

So, what’s the solution?

Get organized with these tips.

  • Take fifteen minutes a day right now and tackle one small part of the clutter. That adds up to 75 minutes a week or 300 minutes a month.
  • Set up appropriately labeled folders for all documents.
  • File or trash completed documents as soon as you finish them.
  • Create follow-up folders if you need more information and move pending files and folders into follow-up.

Need help getting organized and being positively productive? Check out my GO System program and my Writing and Managing E-mail program.


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