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April 23, 2017

E-mailing for Results

E-mail is the backbone of business communication, and it causes most of our headaches! Having an in-box jammed full of e-mails that you need to read or have read and need to file can negatively affect your ability to be positively productive. Try these e-mail management tips to be more efficient with

  • Control your in-box. Take time to move every completed e-mail out of your in-box. You can easily do this by setting up a file folder labeled “Pre-[today’s date].” Just highlight all completed e-mails and move them into this folder. Take 15 minutes a day to go through them and file or trash them. Eventually, this folder will be empty.
  • Create rules to handle incoming e-mails. To set a rule, identify search terms. When these terms are found, the corresponding e-mails are automatically sent into specific folders that you have set up. For example, you can set a rule so that all e-mails with your manager’s name are sent to a folder with your manager’s name.
  • Write e-mails for easy responses. I recommend using a keyword in the subject line. A keyword is the first one or two words of the subject line, and it tells the recipient what the e-mail is about. For example, Decision Needed, Review by [date], and Approval Needed are all good keywords.


Don’t let e-mail derail your ability to be positively productive! For more help with e-mail, see my workshop Writing and Managing E-mail.

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