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April 16, 2017

Help Your Team Deliver Exceptional Customer Care

Landing new customers often is a lengthy, expensive process, and sometimes we become so focused on bringing in new business, we expend too little effort in keeping the customers we have. Cultivating our current customers and delivering care that goes beyond our competition needs to be a primary focus of your entire team. Here are some skills that will sharpen their customer service delivery.shutterstock_147498467

  • Mindful listening. Mindful listening is the ability to stay present with the customer through the entire conversation. More than just parroting what the customer says, it involves showing empathy and understanding of what the customer is feeling. Require your employees to stop multi-tasking when working with a customer, especially when they are on the phone. Mindful listening requires them to put their complete attention on the customer with an intention of meeting their needs.
  • Good questioning. Open-ended questions generate discussion and add information; closed-ended questions stop conversation. For example, “Does this take care of your issue?” is a closed-ended question with only a yes-or-no answer. On the other hand, “What else do we need to consider or review?” is an open-ended question that keeps the conversation going.
  • Silence. Being silent is hard for many people, yet it is a powerful communication skill to use. Never expect an immediate response to a question; give the person time to respond since some people need more time to process information than others do. Encourage your employees to be quiet and give the customer time to consider their answer.

Encourage your staff to look for ways to make every customer interaction an opportunity to reinforce and deepen the relationship. Mindful listening, good questioning, and being silent are three powerful tools that demonstrate emotional intelligence and show respect for the customer.

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