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May 30, 2017

Be Positive for Greater Productivity

Positive managers demonstrate confidence that their employees can deliver outcomes. This type of encouragement makes it easier for staff to face and handle change, challenges, and difficulties. When people have confidence in themselves, they tend to be more creative, more productive, and have better workplace relationships.Great job

  • Notice small accomplishments that often go unrecognized to show employees that you are paying attention to them and appreciate even small successes. Allow each team member to be a star in some way.
  • Encourage employees to find their own solutions to problems with minimal intervention from you to bolster their confidence and strengthen their skills.
  • Help them reframe disappointments and mistakes into opportunities for learning and growth and motivate them to continue to deliver quality results.

By spreading positivity, recognition, and praise, your employees will be happier at work and will be more positively productive.

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