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July 9, 2017

Email Matters

Have you ever opened an email and immediately closed it for one or more of these reasons:

  • It looked like it would take a long time to read?
  • It was riddled with typos?
  • It rambled?

Have you ever been guilty of sending an email with these errors?

Writing and responding to email takes up a huge part of your day, and you want the task to be as easy and as efficient as possible. Here are some

  • Use a professional greeting. If you are sending an internal email, show courtesy by greeting the person. A simple “Hi” plus the person’s first name is basic etiquette. If you are sending an email outside the company, use a formal business letter greeting: Dear [the person’s title and last name}.
  • Keep paragraphs short and to the point. The rule is one topic, one paragraph. Generally, try to keep paragraphs under seven sentences in length. Make sure that you double space between paragraphs and that each paragraph has a topic sentence, which tells the reader what the paragraph is about.
  • Use the right tone. Tone is what people hear when they read since we tend to sound out words. A polite, conversational tone is best since most people respond positively to it. See my blog post Controlling Your Tone in Email for more information on this topic.

Need help being more positively productive with email? Check out my program Writing and Managing Email.

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