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July 16, 2017

Gaining the Respect of Your Team

Managing employees can be challenging, especially if you are a new manager, and your team doesn’t know you. To grow your relationship with your team and help them trust in your leadership, you need to gain their respect. Here are some tools to help you with this critical task.leadership key

  • Always be accountable. As a manager, you hold your staff accountable; that same accountability applies to you as their leader. You must step up and take responsibility for your entire team and their actions—both mistakes and successes. Never hide behind excuses like, “That’s not our job.” Act and demonstrate leadership.
  • Support your people. Your team will not be right in every situation. Things happen within your team and with other teams. Regardless of who is ultimately responsible for a situation arising, you must stand behind your people. Never throw anyone “under the bus” if you want their respect. Address the situation, do what needs to be done to remedy it, and ensure it is not repeated.
  • Share the big picture. As a manager, you are responsible for day-to-day work and can become shortsighted by focusing only on getting the job done. However, as a leader, it’s up to you to communicate to your team that their efforts matter and make a difference. Take time to praise a job well done and devote time at staff meetings to discuss the big picture of the organization and their role in it.

Most importantly, show respect for your team. Recognize their achievements, lavish praise and recognition on them for a job well done, ask for and act on their input for making their jobs easier.

“If I made a commitment, I stood by that commitment…. Because when you become leaders, the most important thing you have is your word, your trust. That’s where respect comes from.” Michelle Obama



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