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July 23, 2017

Tips for Persuasive Presentations

Getting in front of a customer is just the first step in selling your products and services. You need to be persuasive and entice them to say “Yes!” You can only do this if you stop focusing on what you offer and start focusing on why they need it! Always remember, you are selling benefits, not features. Here are some tips from my newest onsite workshop, Getting Results through Influence and Persuasion.shutterstock_75645997

  • Tell stories. You want your presentation to grab attention, overcome objections, show the value of your product and service. Persuasive presentations are more compelling when you use anecdotes and stories to help your customer experience specific results that resonate with them on an emotional level. Stories that touch our hearts are one of the fastest ways to persuade.
  • Use facts and numbers for credibility. Your presentation requires concrete, verifiable evidence, such as statements and research from experts, facts and statistics, and specific, relevant examples. Back up every assertion with sound, qualified sources that make sense for the customer.
  • Persuade with benefits, not features. To communicate persuasively, use features, but always tie them to the benefits they deliver and tie those benefits to the customer’s values, interests, and beliefs. A feature is a characteristic of something; a benefit is what the feature provides. People are persuaded by benefits and then use features to justify their decision!

Persuasion is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. Use visualization to rehearse possible responses, anticipate questions that others may have, and plan how to respond. Check out my newest onsite workshop, Getting Results through Influence and Persuasion.

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