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August 6, 2017

Achieve Customer Service Excellence

Every interaction a customer has with your company is an opportunity to build a long-term customer relationship–or break one. For an organization to grow and thrive, investing in customer service training is essential.shutterstock_147498467

Developing your staff doesn’t just improve the customer experience. It can drive sales and give your organization a competitive edge. Positive service experiences translate into satisfied customers who keep coming back and who tell others about the great service they have received from you.

According to the Customer Experience Impact Report, 86% of customers stopped purchasing from companies after experiencing negative customer service, and customers who had the best experiences spent more than ones who hadn’t. How you treat your customers affects your bottom line.

Training, however, does more than create happy, loyal customers. It also increases employee engagement, motivation, productivity, loyalty, and retention. When employees feel valued, customer service delivery excels. If you’re ready to improve your customers’ experiences, contact me about bringing my program Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience to your organization.

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