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September 24, 2017

Be Persuasive When You Hear “No!”

No matter how persuasive you are, sometimes a customer or manager is going to say, “No.” If that happens, don’t give up. Countering objections starts before you even meet with the person. Part of succeeding at persuasion is anticipating objections and deciding how you will address them.No

Be Prepared

  • When you are preparing your presentation, allow time to brainstorm all possible objections that might arise. The more time you spend here, the easier it will be to handle them during your meeting.
  • Decide how you will respond to each objection. Generally, you want to focus on the benefits of your product or service that mitigate or eliminate the objection. For example, if you know that cost will be a problem, prepare a cost-benefit analysis that justifies the expense.
  • Keep in mind, most people make buying decisions based on their emotions, which you communicate with the benefits offered by your product and service. Focus on what the person gains and what they avoid with what you offer. The stronger the benefits, the easier it is to overcome objections.


  • If you hear an objection, probe for the reasons. Price? Service? Product features?
  • Ask leading and open questions to dig deeper for the source of the objection.
  • Listen closely to what you hear and avoid becoming defensive. As I teach in my Getting Results Through Influence and Persuasion workshop, fully understanding an objection gives you ammunition for countering it.
  • When you believe you understand the issue behind the objection, ask for confirmation that you are correct. Even if the person agrees that you understand, ask if there’s anything else. This may open a new line of inquiry that reveals additional reservations you must address.
  • If you are unprepared to counter an objection, ask if you can return after you do some research.

No one wants to hear a rejection or objection. If this happens to you, be prepared to address it and know how to respond. Check out my Getting Results Through Influence and Persuasion workshop for more information.

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