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September 18, 2017

Be Positively Productive All Day

Most of us arrive at the office in the morning ready and willing to get things done, and then things happen to get in the way of being positively productive. Some days we crawl out of the office at night, feeling as if we have accomplished nothing. Here are some quick tips to help you focus on productivity throughout the day.shutterstock_111462038

  1. End the workday with a plan for the next day. Before leaving, spend the last 15 minutes of the day deciding on your most important activities for the next day. Prepare any files, documents, or research you need, so it is readily available when you arrive the next morning.
  2. Discourage interruptions. When you are interrupted, it can take up to 20 minutes to regain your focus! Remove your guest chair or pile things on it so visitors can’t sit. When someone tries to interrupt you, be assertive, explain that you are in the middle of something and will call them when you are finished. Put a “Do-Not-Disturb” sign on your door or cubicle entrance. Turn off your phone ringer and email notification. See my blog post Take Charge of Interruptions.
  3. Schedule your time for your highest priorities, but don’t over-schedule. You can quickly become derailed if you book up your entire day. You cannot eliminate interruptions, but allow time to handle the ones you can’t avoid.
  4. Create momentum by batching or bundling activities. For example, if you set aside time each day to read and respond to emails, you will do this activity faster and more efficiently than if you respond to emails as they arrive. By focusing on a single activity for a given amount of time, you get into a groove and accomplish more. This tip alone can put more time in your day.
  5. Get rid of clutter. Every time you must look through a stack of paper or scan your computer desktop or email inbox looking for something, you lose productivity. This type of disorganization also drains your self-esteem and reflects badly on your professionalism. If you have clutter, either in your physical workplace or your electronic workspaces, take some time each day to get rid of it and impose order on your work. See my blog post Eliminate Clutter for more information.

Start implementing just one of these tips and when it becomes a habit, introduce another. Before long, you’ll leave work at the end of the day knowing that you have been positively productive!

Need more help with organization and productivity? Check out my GO System program.

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