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October 15, 2017

What To Do When They Won’t Stop Talking!

Have you found yourself in front of someone who just won’t stop talking? They go on and on and on until you want to scream, “Stop!” Most of us are too polite to do this, but the challenge of working with someone like this can take a chunk out of your productivity.Slide 119 #1

1.     Start by listening for the underlying meaning of their words. Are they jabbering to hide a lack of knowledge, a reluctance to tell you what’s on their minds, or do they suffer from a lack of focus?

2.     Ask if you can interrupt them and immediately summarize what you thought they have said.

3.     Use closed questions that refocus them on the topic at hand and require only a yes or no answer.

4.     If they start rambling again, repeat step 2.

Having a conversation with someone who never stops talking is a challenge. Be assertive and take charge. For more information, see my blog posts Key Listening Skills and Ask the Right Questions.

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