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October 29, 2017

Write Emails for Results

Do you wonder if your emails drop into a cyber black hole because you never get a response?

Are you tired of having to open emails whose contents don’t match the subject line?

Have you ever hit send and wish you hadn’t?

If you answered yes, you are in good company. Most of us misuse email and don’t know we’re doing it. Here are some tips from my Writing and Managing Email program to help you write emails for results.shutterstock_5648425

·      Use a meaningful subject line. Your subject line is the only tool you have to get your email opened and read, so make sure it communicates what your email is about and what you want your recipient to do. This is easily accomplished with a keyword, such as Decision, Action, Review, and so on. Keywords like these help your recipient understand what’s needed and help them prioritize your email.

·      Make sure the content of your email matches the subject line. Often, emails become novels as they go on and on. New topics are introduced, but the old, no longer topical subject line isn’t updated. If the subject of the email changes, change the subject line.

·      Proofread before sending. Because email is a fast form of communication, we tend to do it quickly and, sometimes, mindlessly. This can lead to errors in grammar, punctuation, and facts. It doesn’t take more than a minute or two to proofread a short email, and maybe up to five minutes for a longer one. Without proofreading, you might end up spending more time writing additional emails that explain what you meant!

Email is both a boon and a burden. We can use it to be more positively productive or misuse it and let it eat away our productivity. For more tools and techniques, check out my Writing and Managing Email program.

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